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34 week Bump Update

May 23, 2012




How far along: 34 weeks

Size of baby: butternut squash (20"”, 5 lb) I’m finding these fruit comparisons to be pretty ridiculous and widely inaccurate the farther along I am.

Weight gain: 3 lb gain this week (28 lb overall)

What I love: Setting up house. I got a ton of things at my baby shower (another post on that later) and I’ve begun washing and folding cute little baby clothes, organizing the dresser, setting up the changing table among other things. I’m already so in love.

Worries: Actually there is something that has been weighing on my mind lately:  Pertussis (Whooping Cough). Whooping Cough has been declared an epidemic in some counties of Washington State and mine is included. Last year there were 146 reported cases of Whooping Cough at this time. This year, there is 1,738 known cases (source). I’ve casually started asking around and most adults have not had their booster despite this dramatic rise. There is a big public service campaign going on right now in order to educate and encourage people to get their Tdap boosters. Since infants have not received their full set of Pertussis vaccinations until 6 months, is it unreasonable to expect people that come over to visit insist they have their booster? I don’t think it is, but I’m curious to get other opinions. Be brutally honest.

For more information about the pertussis epidemic in Washington State click here.

Sleep: This week my sleep pattern has been predictable with a 3am (3-3:10 to be precise) wake up call to pee. Then I don’t go back to sleep right away and I start to get hungry, so I make my way downstairs to have a bowl of cereal. Then I have to sit up for a little while, but eventually doze off. Could be worse. In fact, it’s been much worse. I’ll take this small inconvenience.

The belly: Large and in charge!

Best moment of the week: Celebrating with my friends and family at my baby shower!

Food cravings: Cottage cheese, pita chips and dried mangos

Food aversions: none really, just aversion to cooking

Baby’s Movement: She is moving all over the place. I’m still not sure of baby parts yet. I know she is head down, so I think I can feel her little butt, but then I wonder if it’s her torso. It’s so hard to picture her proportions because I know she still has a lot of growing to do. It’s fun to poke around the belly and try to figure it out though. She’s definitely getting up in my business more and more. I have to create as much space as possible in my torso because there is almost always an elbow up in my ribs or a foot kicking my ever shrinking lungs.

My Movement:

Yoga – Still going strong with my yoga practice. One vinyasa class and one prenatal class a week.

Running – I had a couple of great runs. Granted, plenty of walking involved – but I have a 4 mile loop around my house and I’d guess I run about 3 of them.

Swimming – No swimming this week. 

Milestones: less than a month to full term status

Symptoms: Sciatic pain – This just started last week and I wasn’t really sure what it was. Mostly it comes on after I’ve been sitting for a little while or I bend over and put weight on my left leg, but a lot of times it happens out of nowhere when I’m just walking. It’s not unbearable, just uncomfortable and kinda ‘shocking’ (when it happens). Other notable symptoms this week – back aches & not sleeping well.

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Chris coming home in a few weeks

What I miss: wine. always.

Next appt: May 31 – group b strep test

Due Date: July 4th

And thanks for all the comments about sharing the pain of losing control of your bladder! I’m always glad to hear that I’m not alone in some of this stuff. I downloaded an app called, “kegel camp” and have been diligently performing my kegel duties several times a day.

33 week Bump Update

May 18, 2012

It feels crazy to write 33 weeks. I know there are still several weeks to go, but somehow it also feels so close.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy. Chris left and started a new job in a new country with a new time zone and new communication barriers. As used to (and good at) this transition period as we are, it took us a few days to find our stride. When we were finally able to connect on the phone I realized how much harder is was for HIM to not be able to contact me at a moments notice. I know everything is fine over here, but I didn’t really think about how hard it is to be on the other end of that – not being able to contact your pregnant wife, that is. For me, it’s a big nuisance not being able to simply call him and ask a tedious question about the sprinkler system when it’s acting up, but for him, I think it’s far more unsettling.

Anyways, it’s business as usual now. Emails every day and phone calls every few days. It’s still unclear when he will be home – although we know it will be mid June, but for some wonderful reason, I’m still not worried about it. I just know everything will work out and I will continue to have a blissful pregnancy and hopefully go into labor a week or two after he gets home, giving us a chance to get caught up on a few things before baby arrives.

No pictures this week, but my baby shower is Sunday so there will be lots coming.


How far along: 33 weeks

Size of baby: Pineapple (17”-19”, 4-5 lb)

Weight gain: 2 lb gain this week (25 lb overall)

What I love: Being pregnant

Worries: none!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping much better now that I have the bed to myself

The belly: Outie belly button starting to poke out and linea negra is getting darker

Best moment of the week: Midwife told me I was the picture of perfect pregnancy

Food cravings: Cottage cheese, pita chips and dried mangos

Food aversions: salmon. same story, different day. Although I had some at dinner the other night when I met up with Life in a Holding Pattern and it was good. I might try to grill some up for dinner soon.

Baby’s Movement: A lot. Apparently, there is less amniotic fluid because the baby is taking up more space so her punches, kicks, and nudges feel more powerful. I’ve yet to have the zingers that take your breath away though.

My Movement:

Yoga – Still going strong with my yoga practice. One vinyasa class and one prenatal class a week.

Running – meh. I think running is coming to an end. not too motivated to go out anymore. I did one crappy run with a lot of walking around my house and one decent run (but still not very enjoyable) at a flatter location.

Swimming – I did one swim session this week. Short and sweet. Maybe 800meters in 20 minutes.

Milestones: appointments every two weeks.

Symptoms: Incontinence – they don’t tell you about this stuff. It’s not something that happens AFTER pregnancy. It happens during and it’s real. Be careful when you sneeze. No amount of kegels will help you while sneezing. Overall achiness – particularly in my hips and pelvis area. When I’m sitting in one position for too long and get up, I feel like an 80 year old woman for a bit.

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: My baby shower is this weekend! So excited.

What I miss: wine. always.

Next appt: May 28 – group b strep test

Due Date: July 4th

32 Week Bump Update

May 10, 2012


How far along: 32 weeks

Size of baby: Squash (15”-19”, 3-4 lb)

Weight gain: 1 lb loss this week ?

What I love: That I get to meet my little baby girl soon!

Worries: none!

Sleep: I slept well one night. I only woke up once and it was very brief (bathroom run of course). I can’t believe people actually get to live like that on a regular basis. Totally changed the day.

The belly: Still there. Still getting bigger.

Best moment of the week: Finally getting to speak to my husband last night

Food cravings: Oranges again. I started eating this salad almost every day this week.

Food aversions: salmon. same story, different day.

Baby’s Movement: Movement has slowed down this week and I’m glad to say that my midwife confirmed that she was head down at my last appointment. Hopefully she stays that way. She is still pretty active right around 8pm.

My Movement:

Yoga – I strongly believe my regular yoga practice is playing a BIG role in my continued comfort (relative comfort I suppose since I have nothing to compare it to and everybody’s threshold for discomfort is different) throughout this pregnancy.

RunningI ran a 5k this week. And I loved every minute of it.

Swimming – NO laps this week, but I did a “aqua kickboxing” class yesterday and it was great. A lot of aqua jogging with some extra arm and leg movement mixed in. The instructor was nice, but she was so worried about me. How do you assure somebody your more than capable of something  without sounding like a douche? I understand why she was concerned and I appreciate it, but nonetheless I feel like I just had to humor her. The only real struggle was was when we had to tread water with our legs only (arms up in the air) for 30 seconds. My midsection is about 15 pounds heavier and my lungs (the most buoyant part of your body) are next to nothing so they don’t help you stay afloat. That was difficult. My little head was barely out of the water (looking up!) and I was moving those legs vigorously! I want to try it post baby and see what the difference is. I’ll be it’s significantly easier.

Milestones: appointments every two weeks.

Symptoms: I’ve figured out a way to sit just right with a pillow to alleviate some of the stress on my back. Much better. This week was great in terms of comfort. I had very little heartburn, energy level was decent, and of course figuring out the back issues….I feel like I’m back in the second trimester.

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Mothers day. This will be special for me even if nobody else acknowledges it.

What I miss:

Next appt: May 16

Due Date: July 4th

Race Report: Tacoma City 5k

May 7, 2012

I did a little 5k this weekend. AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Let’s cut to the chase – Official time: 30:37 (9:53 pace)

This was my second race (both 5k’s) since becoming pregnant. The first was in my first trimester and this one, at 31 weeks. I must admit the 31 week 5k was unexpectedly MUCH easier. I think my energy level was just so zapped the whole first trimester that it always felt like my legs were full of lead.

The course was great! Anytime I leave Gig Harbor running is significantly easier because it’s almost always flatter. Great little ego boost since my regular 4 mile loop around my house has slowed to a 12-15 minute pace depending on the day. Also, I think it’s important to note there were no bathrooms on the course. Which meant no bathroom stops. Which meant I probably shaved about 5 minutes off what it would have been otherwise. That’s no exaggeration!

Elevation charts are so misleading*, but bloggers seems to really like posting and analyzing them so here is this particular race series chart:

TCM elevation chart

The 5k is very gentle

I would consider this a PR course – if I wanted to try it again. But the half is also really nice and so many people (including marathoners) PR’d yesterday.

Really, I just wanted to feel a part of the running community again. It had been so long since I’d been able to partake in any real events since I gave up running with others long ago due to the challenges of running while pregnant (multiple bathroom stops, slower pace, walking up hills). It filled a void.


Some pre race shots with girlfriends:







It was such an inspiring day. I cannot wait to start training again!

*on elevation charts – I’ve seen many elevation charts that are so misleading and frankly, full of shit. If your chart doesn’t give you a y-axis with an actual scale (of feet) then it’s shit. Throw it out. Likewise, look at the scale of the y-axis. What are the increments of feet gained? 10, 20, 100……I’ve seen bloggers talk about how ‘hilly’ something is, and when I peek at the chart it only covers about 200 feet in elevation gain. Don’t they teach this in high school?!

31 Week Bump Update

May 4, 2012


How far along: 31 weeks!

Size of baby: Pineapple (15”-17”, 3-4 lb)

Weight gain: .5 lb gain this week ( 19.5 lb so far)

What I love: My sense of peace and joy about where my life is and where it’s going

Worries: none!

Sleep: This is the one and only place I will allow myself to be negative. Sleep sucks. It is becoming so uncomfortable to sleep exclusively on my side. When looking for suggestions to relieve back pain in pregnancy (see symptoms below), they suggested sleeping on your side. Duh! Your really only able to sleep on your side Captain Obvious (here’s why). When I wake from a very rare actual deep sleep in the middle of the night, I wake up on my back. Which of course then freaks me out, so I roll over to my side. After five minutes my arms and shoulders begin to go numb, so I roll over to my right side. Which only takes about three minutes to go numb. It’s an endless circle of tossing and turning. I’m already a very poor sleeper with insomnia issues that are completely unrelated to pregnancy. I think everything is just exacerbated now.

I got a body pillow and used it for the first time last night, but it didn’t do much. I am hopeful that when my husband leaves for work in a few days, having the bed all to myself will get me a few hours of uninterrupted sleep a night before the shit really hits the fan in a  few weeks.

The belly:No way I’m coming out of this unscathed. I see more and more of those little red marks which are, from what I understand, the beginning of stretch marks. Belly button is also very close to becoming an outie. But it’s still fun to prance that big thing around town. My husband and I were out running errands yesterday and he was so surprised at all the comments it brings. People love to comment on a pregnant belly. And I love being the center of attention so it works.

Best moment of the week: Not having to go to work

Food cravings: Back on the dried mango train. Also cottage cheese, which is a great low calorie/high protein food! Finally craving something healthy again. The only catch is I have to eat the whole container or throw it out after I’m done with it. I will NOT eat it after the sealed plastic cover comes off so I started paying more for the smaller sized containers and just eat one everyday. It’s like a bottle of wine – you can drink it later, but it wont taste nearly as good.

Food aversions: salmon. same story, different day.

Baby’s Movement: She is still a mover and a shaker. Her busiest times are around 8:00pm. I hope this doesn’t mean she’ll be a night owl.

My Movement:

Yoga – Made it to both my yoga classes this week and I feel so much better! I was very SORE after my vinyasa class. Far more sore had I not been pregnant. I might add a day of yoga and skip a day of running from here on out.

Running So I bought one of those support bands that goes around your midsection, kinda under your belly. It didn’t do a damn thing except irritate the shit out of me. Maybe I’ll try again in a week or two. I didn’t feel much relief (although I’m not sure what I was supposed to feel?) and it just made ducking in the woods for a pee break more complicated. A four mile run turned into 3 based on pure irritation with this contraption.

Swimming – Swam again finally. Maybe 800 meters. I have no idea. I don’t count laps. I just do random sets.

Milestones: Single digits until due date

Symptoms: my lower back is on fire. I have developed a sincere compassion for people who endure chronic back pain. I know lower back pain is very common in pregnancy, but I am a little surprised it’s so strong so early. I know I have a long way to go and my belly may nearly double in size. I wonder if it’s from work…..bending over to tie peoples shoes so often. I will admit it’s much easier to tie other people’s shoes than it is to tie my own, but still – it surprised me the number of people who had no shame in putting their feet on our stool and had an obviously very pregnant woman bend over to tie their shoes.

It’s worse when I’m sitting. After about 5 minutes of sitting on the couch or at my desk I have to get up and move around.

I also wonder if it’s because I skipped yoga two weeks in a row? I’m back to it now, so hopefully I can get some relief. I’m even considering going to a chiropractor (which I’ve NEVER done and am convinced chiropractors fuck your shit up more than they help).

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Spilling the beans about her name! I’m not sure I can last much longer.

What I miss: Wine. Everywhere I look people are drinking.

Next appt: May 16

Due Date: July 4th

30 Week Bump Update & Babymoon

April 26, 2012

Passed Glucose test! yay.

Did find out I was anemic though. Shocker. The midwives recommend this iron supplement: Slow Fe Slow Release Iron Tablets. They also said to take it at a different time than my prenatal vitamin, and with something loaded with Vitamin C. I started taking  a liquid iron supplement around 20 weeks I think (liquid because it’s more bio available), but it started staining my teeth so I quit after about a month. At the time, I was only taking it as a precaution because I was having food aversions to red meat and I know most pregnant women become anemic at some point. I think the pill form will be easier. Time to up the fiber intake as well I suppose.

Onto the fun stuff!


Why do I look stoned?


How far along: 30 weeks!

Size of baby: English Cucumber (15”-17”, 3-4 lb)

Weight gain: 1.5 lb gain this week ( 19 lb so far)

What I love: My sense of peace and joy about where my life is and where it’s going

Worries: This is possibly the first time in my life I have not been genuinely worried about something. I feel like anything that comes my way, I can handle it. Where did this sense of peace and calmness come from? The perspective that there are more important things in life than silly worries I have little to no control over? I feel so capable and ‘ready’ to become a mother. It’s not even freaking me out anymore that I have no idea when my husband will be home (assuming and hoping it will be a week or two before due date – but not worrying about it!) or that he will be leaving shortly after Baby Girl is born (assuming she is not too late – about a month). What a great feeling. Why did I wait so long to adopt this attitude?!

Sleep: Sleep eludes me so much now. Lying on my left side all night is difficult. I toss and turn constantly and feel like I’m going to start getting bed sores. I roll over to my right side but it’s just not comfortable for my neck/shoulders/and arms so I can only stay over there for a very short time.  I’m expecting my hips to start getting achy soon and I’m sure I’ll look back at this time and think to myself, “what an idiot for thinking it was hard to sleep at week 30.” On the bright side – I still have decent energy during the day despite these sleep issues.

The belly: If I stand in the sunlight, I can see blue veins on the sides of my protruding belly. I also think I see the beginnings of stretch marks…..I thought stretch marks are white and long, but these are small and red. Not sure. Time will tell. One thing I know: It’s getting BIG. I cannot imagine what it will be like in another few weeks, and then another few weeks after that.

Best moment of the week: Impromptu baby moon getaway

Food cravings: Sugar. I hate you. But love you. Jelly doughnuts from the CleElum Bakery, you were the death of me this week.

Food aversions: Salmon still. I caved and had a small piece for dinner last night (my husband eats salmon a few times a week). I ate it, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Baby’s Movement: So much! I tried to do some belly mapping to see where Baby Girl is at, but I think she still has so much room and moves around constantly. It’s very difficult at this point. When I go in for my next appointment I’ll try to get some help from the midwife in determining her position as it will become more important as the weeks progress. I know I still have a few weeks before I need to worry, but it sounds like having the baby in a transverse position is not ideal at 30 weeks (which I where I think she is). 

My Movement:

Yoga – I skipped my regular yoga classes again this week because our baby moon conflicted. I did manage to squeeze in a basic flow class the morning we left (while very supportive and sweet hubby waited for me in the car) because I knew my body would regret not doing any yoga for two weeks. I had never done this particular class before and I was a little nervous about being able to handle it, but it was surprisingly easier than my regular vinyasa class.

Running –I had one great hour long run (including bathroom stops so probably more like 50 minutes) and then one not so great run that started out on a treadmill and ended outside with me doing more walking than running. I’m ordering up one of these support belts based on a recommendation by seasoned pregnant runner, Laurie.

Swimming – No swimming

Milestones: Week THRITY. Three. Zero.

Symptoms: shortness of breath, achy ribs (I think she jammed herself into my right ribs a few nights ago) and back

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Everything!

What I miss: Wine.

Next appt: May 2

Due Date: July 4th



As I mentioned, Chris and took off for a last minute babymoon. It was only a couple of days, but I wanted to do one last little road trip, just the two of us. I know some people don’t understand the concept of a babymoon. Why would you want to purposely plan a vacation without being able to drink?! Believe me, there are wineries ALL OVER Washington. But at this point, there is really no difference. I want a glass of wine (or several) almost EVERY night*. Going out of town does not matter. Plus, I spent all of my twenty’s single and living it up all over the world. I have done more than my fair share of ‘one last hurrah’. Not to mention TTC for so long, every time I drank I was actually HOPEFULL that would be my last time I would be able to drink as a ‘free’ woman. If you don’t plan a babymoon because you don’t want to torture yourself without being able to drink without a care in the world– you’ve got some big disappointments up ahead.

We drove to Suncadia Resort about 2 hours east over the Cascade mountains. It was a lovely time for us to appreciate each other and appreciate the silence of our last few days as a two person family.

The resort itself was nice, but I probably wouldn’t stay there again. They cater to skiers (it’s a mountain resort after all) and I don’t ski. It was nice to be there during the off season (there is also  a ton of summer activities for family vacationers) so it was very quiet and un-touristy. However, since it was the off season the spa was closed Tuesday-Thursday (we arrived Monday afternoon and left Wednesday) so no prenatal massage Sad smile  . I didn’t realize that until after we were on our way and I called to book the appointment. I doubt it would have made us change our minds about going there, but it was still a bit of a disappointment as I was really looking forward to it.



The resort grounds were fairly extensive: two golf courses, many beautiful vacation houses, a few restaurants, a winery, and lots of trails, fitness building with outdoor and indoor pool, and a (two lane) lap pool. I wish this water slide would have been open. how fun would that have been?! They only open it on the weekends during the off season. Bummer.




I made Chris take a ton of pictures of me for my photo album. And because I love myself.


So since there was no drinking on my part, everything revolved around food of course. Which was awesome! They had a great restaurant at the resort, which I would gladly go back to time and time again if it were more accessible.

The first night I had Sea Bass served on Jasmine stir fried rice with cashews, mint, cilantro, coconut green curry. It was unbelievable. The second night I had Sweet Onion Ravioli. Equally unbelievable. I wish I had pictures for you guys, but I don’t.

Other notable food indulgences included freshly baked doughnuts everyday from the CleElum bakery. To.die.for. And of course room service desserts which included lava cake and strawberry shortcake.



Lunch Spot day #1

The bakery had a separate building where they served breakfast and lunch.


Lunch Spot day#2

Semi-famous café in Ellensburg, WA called the Yellow Church Café.





Could not drive home from the bakery empty handed




It was a fantastic little getaway. Now, bring on baby!


* Good grief, I sound like an alcoholic

29 week Bump Update

April 22, 2012


How far along: 29 weeks

Size of baby: Butternut Squash (15”-17”, 3 lb)

Weight gain: 2 lb gain this week ( 17.5 lb so far)

What I love: Watching my stomach move around. It’s fascinating.


Sleep: Some good nights this week!

The belly: Linea Nigra showed up and I’m carrying really high. I had to go up from a 36 to a 38 bra size because my uterus or my stomach (not sure which one)  is pushing out all the way up there. I started getting chaffing on a measly 45 minute run.

Best moment of the week: Finally getting news about Chris’ impending departure date. Still not sure when he comes back though.

Food cravings: Dried mangos

Food aversions: It’s difficult to eat anything in general really. The other day I had just eaten breakfast (a small bowl of cereal – All bran to be exact) and about 20 minutes later I bent down to tie my shoe and I threw up in my mouth. I’m only 29 weeks. This is not good news as I’ll probably double in size. Hopefully she drops sooner rather than later.

Baby’s Movement: So much!

My Movement:

Yoga – I had to skip yoga classes this week Sad smile  Because two of the store employees were running Boston, I had to cover extra shifts that conflicted with both my regular classes. My body can feel it too. Sitting on the couch for longer than 20 minutes and my back begins to ache like an sob. I started using the “birthing ball” which is really just an exercise ball to sit on and roll around on. It’s helped immensely.

Running – Running is still working for me. I usually have one good run a week followed by two marginal ones. Once that one good run stops coming, I’ll throw in the towel.

Swimming – No swimming

Other – I’m including work this week because although I don’t do manual labor, I am on my feet all day, bending, reaching, lifting (light stuff only), etc.. and after a 9 hour shift I feel like my body went through the ringer. Also, the hours suck: 10 – 7. I don’t get home until 7:30 and then by the time I eat dinner it’s close to or after 8, then I need to sit up for a couple of hours unless I want to wake up at midnight with a chest full of food. I am so glad I only have one more week of that. On the days I work, I don’t bother working out. It’s too much movement for one day at this point. I’m sure having a desk job at the later stages of pregnancy is no fun either, but at the end of the day I would probably be craving some movement. I get enough on the job.

Milestones: Last week in the 20’s

Symptoms: Shortness of breath Even talking in a normal conversation (admittedly, I can be a fast talker) will wind me now.

Gender: Girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Getting the results of my glucose test Friday. Or not getting results rather. No news is good news so if I don’t hear from them by end of day Friday, I’m good. There is a chance that even though I’m still very fit and healthy, I could easily have gestational diabetes because of the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome since it is directly related to insulin levels. I’m not worrying about it to be completely honest. Also anxious to hear back about anemia results.

What I miss: Training. Everybody is starting to get into the crux of their training season and while I love hearing about it, I can’t wait to get out there next Spring and do the same.

Next appt: May 2

Due Date: July 4th


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